Top 5 Benefits of Using Google Bard AI

5 Benefits of Using Google Bard AI

Here are some of the benefits of using Google Bard AI, the rival of OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Google Bard AI is the similar interface to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Sadly, the initial Stages of the chatbot wasn’t positive, especially because it is debut demo contained a factual incorrect.

However, now you can use, that the public beta version is out, Bard is showing a few potential features that might challenge ChatGPT.

In addition to being simple and easy to use another creative Google AI chatbot, we put Bard through its paces and compiled a list of all the wonderful ways it may be of use to you.

1.User Interface

The guiding principle of Google’s “material design” focuses on smooth transitions, pleasing colors, and a simple overall interface. This philosophy also applies to Bard’s user interface. You can easily switch between dark and light modes, find helpful answers in the FAQ section, and review your past activities.

2.View Other Drafts

The “View Other Drafts” feature is an impressive design technique that sets Bard apart from other AI chatbots. With this feature, Bard generates a minimum of three responses for each prompt and selects the one it considers the best. To determine which response is superior, you can easily access and carefully analyze the other drafts.

3.Audio Input

While there are various ways to work around it, controlling ChatGPT with your voice is not possible in a natural manner. This is one area where Bard has an advantage over ChatGPT. You can quickly input a prompt by clicking the microphone icon in the text box, similar to the dictation feature found in the Android keyboard, Google Keyboard.

4.Internet Access

Google has made it simple to connect Bard to the internet, and it doesn’t cost anything. This means that Bard can browse the web for you and collect relevant information, if necessary. This is quite different from ChatGPT, which needs a $20 per month membership and GPT-4 to access the internet.

5.Google Search Results

Google Search is the most popular search engine worldwide because it delivers impressive outcomes. Ultimately, users achieve success in locating the information they seek. Bard outperforms all its competitors, including Bing Chat, by utilizing Google Search results as the foundation for its responses. It’s important to note that Bing Chat is not a direct competitor for this particular product.

Another great benefit of using Google Bard AI is


One of the reasons why Google Search is amazing is because it provides results that are relevant to your location and situation. For example, if you’re in Amsterdam and search for “hotels near me,” you won’t see suggestions for hotels in San Francisco..!

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